THE SONG TO STAGE COLLABORATIVE announces the launch of a new songwriter development program, guided by Grammy winning songwriter Louisa Branscomb, along with the award winning bluegrass-Americana group Nu-Blu. Song To Stage is a first of its kind, an innovative songwriter-artist-production workshop designed to advance the personal and professional needs of the songwriter from all angles of the creative and business process.

Daniel Routh: "We are extremely excited about the curriculum we have created for songwriters of all levels, the unusual and special setting of the Outer Banks, and most of all, to be working with Louisa - who is often called "The" bluegrass songwriter. Her work goes way beyond bluegrass though - and she is an inspired writer and teacher. We love working with Louisa, and I've learned why some people say "Louisa IS songwriting."

Louisa Branscomb: "After 35 years of teaching and mentoring songwriters, I am very excited about this new venture in combining forces with Nu-Blu to expand the usual curriculum of my workshops. Our retreat-styled workshops, set in the beautiful Outer Banks of NC, preserve the inspirational setting and emphasis on personal creativity that are a hallmark of my Mastercraft series based at Woodsong Writer Retreat. At the same time, the skills that the members of Nu-Blu bring allow us to add tracks that expose the participant to all aspects of songwriter development from inspiration to craft, and pitching to recording, promoting, and performance. Having songwriters and artists together - with the amazing breadth of skills that Nu-Blu brings - gives this workshop wonderful new possibilities for strengthening the areas that each participant wishes to work on.

"Being a professional, or serious songwriter has a much wider challenge than "Just" writing songs. Most writers have strengths in some areas, such as inspiration and creating a basically good song, but relative weaknesses in other areas, such as editing to full completion, recording an effective demo, or artist relations or pitching, or even how to effectively sing their song in songwriter settings. This workshop is designed to provide a full curriculum responsive to individual needs, and as a basis for building skills in subsequent workshops. We keep our classes small so that we can be flexible and attuned to individual needs and goals, while also building community and mutual support that songwriters need for their work. "

For more information on the Song to Stage series contact Louisa at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.