Often a developing songwriter, or someone interested in the process of using art to facilitate change and life enrichment, can benefit most from an extended one-on-one visit with Dr. Branscomb. Louisa will assist you with your travel plans, your goals for the session, or series of sessions, and ways to design just the perfect balance of personal work, rest, and partaking of the natural beauty of the Woodsong or Seasong settings. Retreats can vary from several hours in length, to a plan for anextended time, such as two sessions a day for several days or more.

Personalized retreats can focus on:

-your songwriting
-your professional development
-where you feel stuck in your creative process and overcoming blocks
-a project to showcase your songs, whether CD, EP, or single

Prices for your retreat will vary according to your goals and the amount of time you need.

"My commitment is to the student or mentoree and their relationship to their work. This naturally results in the most effective and productive creative outcome."

From a participant:

"Thank you for inspiration and the many others that have brought me to heights I never dreamed possible." JT, Southport, NC

About the Art to Artist Branscomb Workshops

Louisa is available to produce the Art to Artist  "Songwriting on the Road" workshops at bluegrass festivals, arts organizations, and anywhere interested songwriters gather. Her On The Road workshops bear the Branscomb trademark: experiential approach to the personal expression of the songwriter, working with writers of all levels in a group approach with individual time as well, and optional tracks in the business of songwriting, vocal coaching, stage presentation, instrumentation, and artist development that often feature guest staff. Also a Branscomb hallmark, Louisa integrates the spiritual geography and community into her work, creating a nurturing escape into the world where the magic of creativity abounds. Participants get to experience the Woodsong Community she has evolved over her 25 years of refining her unique workshop approach, and continue in the Woodsong Network through the services she offers to this community online and in person.  A special feature of her work is online virtual coaching for the songwriter's professional development, tailored to meet the songwriter before or after their attendance. 


The Art to Artist retreats are guided by the value that songwriting is inherently good: as an art, a means of personal expression, and in the power to transform the writer and listener. Good songs can lead to emotional movement, change, and connection between people.


The Woodsong and Seasong Writers Retreats provide experiences that

  • nurture the personal development and soul of the songwriter
  • provide tools necessary to develop skill in the art and craft of songwriting for professional and non-professional writers, and
  • foster personal and/or professional development through mentoring, coaching, and song critiques


Two equally magnificent settings provide the spiritual geography to enhance relaxation and inspiration.  For Songwriting on the Road workshops Louisa works with host staff and local vendors and artists to integrate the special attributes of each location and musical community into the retreat experience.

At Woodsong, horses grazing in the valley below the Music Barn against the backdrop of the Appalachian mountains recalls an old way of life rooted in the natural cycle of planting, growth, and harvest.

Seasong is located in the quaint NC coastal village of Southport, where giant oaks overhang sidewalks, strangers become friends over espresso, and musicians perform against the backdrop of sunsets over the marsh, sailboats floating in silhouette.

Dr. Branscomb draws on her 30 years as a Transformational Psychologist, 45 years as a performing and recording musician, and lifetime of songwriting to provide structured, interactive, and facilitated individual and group experiences that empower the songwriter and facilitate depth, expertise, and personal fulfillment in the art and craft of songwriting. Dr. Branscomb also facilitates group process to give writers more input on their work, and presents guest faculty among some of the most revered artists and composers in bluegrass, country, and Americana music.