“Louisa Branscomb IS songwriting......”    
--Donna Coleman
“Her generosity and good will and inspiration in playing her songs and giving her gifts to others is incomparable.”
--Austin Songwriter Group
“No one else quite sees lovers and others in all their complexity and in their full, flawed but glorious humanity as she does…a treasured American poet, indeed, a great natural resource.” 
--David McGee
“In each setting, her songs are the main focus, drawing the listener in through the heart and soul that Louisa pours into each creation.…an advocate for songwriting as a craft and for the rights and opportunities of songwriters everywhere.”
--Jeanette Williams

"The power of music to touch our souls, hearts and minds is unlike anything  else in creation.  Your passion and hard work have created jewels for all of us to savor and enjoy."
--Pam Freeman, Nashville, Fan 

"She can say more in one line than most of us can write in three paragraphs."
--Richard Gordon

When choosing Steel Rails for his last project, Grammy Winning "All Aboard," John Denver reflected: 

“In looking for these songs I found a part of the history of our great country, along with the aching sense of loss that comes when a part of who and what we are begins to disappear, perhaps forever.”
--John Denver, liner notes, "All Aboard" 


"I came expecting to learn. I left transformed."
--Beth Lee, Austin, TX
"Louisa's work is changing the world, one songwriter at a time, one song at a time."
--CS, Greensboro, NC

I found your workshop inspiring on so many levels, from artistic to practical. I had some apprehension with so much creativity and renown staff, but was soon eased by the genuine radiance of accessibility and down-to-earth graciousness of such plain folks blessed with so much humbled talent.  Each day was filled with plenty of gems along with pearls of wisdom. With over a quarter of a century doing these workshops, you make it look easy, but I also now there is a lifetime of preparation. I returned home with a big sack of inspiration new friends, wonderful memories.
 -- Ken Baldwin, Oct 24, 2016

Louisa has a way in bringing out the absolute best in people. Period. It's one of the great blessings in life to be able to do that for people.  Working with Louisa and the children she has helped through songwriting is an experience I will cherish the rest of my life.  
-- Jaret Sears, November 1718 Productions