The following musicians are among those who have endorsed Louisa by recording her songs:

Alison Krauss, Claire Lynch, John Denver, Dale Ann Bradley, Frances Mooney and Fontanna Sunset, the McPeak Brothers, Janet McGarry, Honeygrass, Daughters of Bluegrass, Ladies' Choice, Broad River, Chordwood, Nancy Pate, Cyndi Craven, Lonesome Redwing, Bluegrass Bands and Helping Hands, New Coon Creek Girls, featuring Dale Ann Bradley, Karen Lynne, Nu-Blu, Nancy Beaudette, and Boot Hill.

Many others, ranging from the groundbreaking Groups Tasty Licks, and early prodigy Chris Thile, to bluegrass favorite Valerie Smith, have performed Louisa's songs. A well-kept secret is that Mel Tillis, country mega-star, recorded Steel Rails first, in 1972, though this version was not released.

No matter their style, artists find a niche with Louisa and often request repeat contributions for their CDs. The popular Georgia group, Frances Mooney and Fontanna Sunset, (see their 2011 SPBGMA nominations) has recorded over 8 of Louisa's songs, and 3-time Female Vocalist of the Year Dale Ann Bradley 4. Janet McGarry, member of Daughters of Bluegrass and popular Canadian traditional singer, has recorded 2.

Louisa has also been treasured as a writer in the groups with whom she has performed. She was likely the first woman to contribute substantially to modern bluegrass songwriting as a member of her band, Boot Hill, (1972-1980), who recorded three albums which contained mostly originals by Louisa: Steel Rails (the original version), Blue Ridge Memories, and Fly, Soul, Away. Highly successful in the 1970's, Boot Hill was known as "the band with the female banjo player-songwriter."

Later, Louisa played with the Georgia-based group, Fontanna Sunset, on banjo, then guitar (2001-2004). Fontanna Sunset recorded nearly half Louisa originals on a sucession of three albums, and featured her songs as the hallmark of their shows.

Most recently, Louisa has performed at regional and national events with award-winning Jeanette Williams and the Jeanette Williams Band, and lauded vocalist Jennifer Strickland, both of whom prominently feature Louisa's material.

In addition, Louisa has produced 8 CD's of original or mostly original material on solo or her own band projects, including:

Boot Hill, Steel Rails, (hallmark release of now classic Steel Rails)
Boot Hill, Blue Ridge Memories
Boot Hill Fly, Soul, Away (#2 Bluegrass Gospel Album, 1978)
Gypsy Heart Gypsy Heart
Louisa Branscomb, Songs of the Whimplewood (2004 Parents Seal of Excellence))
Louisa Branscomb, Time to Write a Song
Louisa Branscomb, Fool's Gold
Mark Newton "Follow Me Back to the Fold: A Tribute to Women in Bluegrass" (vocals, co-producer)
Daughters of Bluegrass "Back to the Well" (vocals; songwriter)
Daughters of Bluegrass "Pick it Like a Girl" (vocals)
Dede Vogt "Reckless Angels" (banjo)
Christy Snow "No Doubts, No Fears" (banjo)